geospatial data science consultant at plano c

visiting lecturer at paris dauphine université - master peace studies

I’m passionate about how the techniques and discourses from territory focused disciplines can be re-appropriated through the use of information systems and data science.

I have experience managing digital products and portfolios, designing and developing new spatially enabled products as well as leading product discovery squads.

I also do freelance work on geo-spatial projects, having an extensive experience working with spatial analysis and cartography for institutions like the World Resources Institute, Translators WIthout Borders, UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank. In past positions I've developed solutions for automating processes involving remote sensing and spatial analysis in humanitarian crises contexts through the use of GIS software and programming with python and javascript using frameworks like google earth engine, geopandas, postgis/geoserver and arcgis online.

I've collaborated in environmental and spatial related research projects developed at TU-Delft, UNESCO-IHE, Oxford-Brookes University, McGill University, Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul on the subjects of Geodesign for Nature Based Solutions, Urban Metabolism, Circular Economy, Scaling Laws and Road Ecology. I'm a teacher to the "Data, conflicts and disasters" discipline at Paris Dauphine University.

Recent Work

Ukraine migration flows

Geospatial data science, CLEAR Global, 2022

Looking for patterns in satellite image time series with python

Geospatial data science, 2022

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Software Development, 2021

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Remote sensing script, UNDP, 2018

Geospatial ETL Pipeline

Software Development, 2020

Automating GIS and remote sensing workflows with python

Software development, 2020

Language diversity in the COVID-19 pandemic

A web map for Translators without Borders, 2020

Climate Anomalies App

Interactive map application for the State of Tocantins, 2020

Urban Scenarios Modeling

Interactive map application for the Municipality of Porto Alegre, 2019

Nobody Lives Here

Interactive map application, 2018

Allométries dans les modèles de Métabolisme Urbain : rapports avec le développement durable

Masters Thesis, 2017

Onshore Yard Capacity Assessment Tool (OYCAT)

Web map application development, 2017

Polyvalent Infrastructure

Article, 2015

GIS Technologies Workshop

Intensive course lecturing, 2016